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6 Color Ball Of Whacks®

6 Color Ball Of Whacks®

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Author(s): von Oech, Roger

Like the original red Ball of Whacks®, the Multi-Colored Ball of Whacks® is comprised of 30 pyramid pieces that click together with 180 rare earth magnets. The Multi-Colored Ball takes the creative building blocks a step further. Six bright colors transform the Ball, adding another level of engaging play skills. Players are challenged to reconstruct the Ball-shaped puzzle with no two same-colored pieces touching anywhere — not even at the points. Once you have mastered that brainteaser, it’s time to get creative. The Multi-Colored Ball of Whacks earned Level 5 Ratings (highest) from The Toy Man for: Critical Skills Development, Educational Value, Fun Factor, Innovation, and Marketing Value.


EAN: 9780911121056
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